Our work

Move the numbers

We know what it takes to get things done in the public sector.

A proven process

We’ve used Deliverology® in low, middle, and high-income countries across the globe to achieve meaningful progress against ambitious goals.

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Coaching and collaboration

Whether we work directly with governments or as part of a network of partners, our advisory practice helps teams move from idea to implementation to impact.

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Data and digital

From custom apps to public-facing websites; from dashboards to data governance, our digital practice helps public sector groups make data-informed decisions.

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About us

DA is a leading public sector advisory group focused on helping governments achieve ambitious goals for their residents.

We support all stages of implementation, from strategy to execution to evaluation. We are the creators of Deliverology, a system we developed in the context of the public sector to improve people's lives worldwide. We have specific expertise in monitoring and evaluation systems, digital tools, strategic and creative communications, and capacity building and direct support for the teams in the centre of government and out in the field that make that change happen. 

Our collective intelligence is a combination of the shared knowledge we have developed from our global work and our deep, hands-on experience in applying it to different government and cultural contexts.

First and foremost, we are a mission-driven organization with a single purpose: to improve the effectiveness and accountability of government worldwide, and by doing so, to improve the lives of the people we collectively serve.

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